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To provide legal services at the highest level of professionalism for the benefit of our clients. To represent our clients zealously, to secure and protect available legal rights and benefits, to seek any lawful objective through legally permissible means and to present for adjudication any lawful claim, issue or defense. In furtherance of this mission, we bring to bear our values of trust, objectivity, and commitment to our clients.

Importance of Securing Proper Counsel for Your Immigration Affairs.

The United States controls and regulates the amount of people flowing into this country through a number of classifications and procedures to determine an individual’s eligibility for certain privileges. Visas provide individuals with specific rights and privileges for their time spent inside the United States. These visas can be either non-immigrant visas or immigrant visas depending on whether an individual desires to stay in this country after relocating. Each visa requires its own set of qualifications and requirements.

Preparing an immigration case is a process that involves more than completing the proper forms. Your future and legal immigration status is a matter that should be discussed with a licensed professional who takes a personal interest in your case and its outcome. An Immigration attorney reviews the specific facts of your case, determines its strengths and its potential weaknesses, the appropriate legal remedies and guides your case through the appropriate federal agencies.

Preventing the Unauthorized Practice of Law

A licensed attorney is the only person permitted by law to provide legal advice as licensed attorneys are not only subject to the legal regulation but also is committed to high standards of ethical conduct. A non-lawyer who undertakes to handle legal matters is not governed as to integrity or legal rules by the same rules that govern the conduct of a lawyer. Some immigrants get easily confused as to what services a Latin American notary public, commonly known as “notarios”, can provide regarding immigration matters. These persons are not attorneys unless properly licensed to practice law in this state, and they should not be relied on for legal advice because they are not licensed to give legal advice. Do not place you or your loved ones future in jeopardy.


If you or someone you know has been misled or harmed by a person who is not a licensed Florida attorney, contact The Florida Bar, Unlicensed Practice of Law Division-Miami Branch, (305) 377-4445; Ft. Lauderdale Branch, (954) 772-2245; Tampa Branch, (813) 875-9821; Orlando Branch, (407) 425-5424; Tallahassee Branch, (850) 561-5840.